Lesson 22 – Lill-Stöveln / Little Boot

Little Boot is probably the simplest of the center tricks and a really good beginner’s trick. With the proper flick with the club, getting the puck to stand on end, it will be very difficult to take for the goalkeeper.

  •  Lill-stöveln The puck will be in the middle of the track with the player close behind.
  •   With a slight twist kick out the puck to the left with the free foot.
  •   Turn your player to the other side and hit the puck with the club so that the puck slides in beside the left-hand post.

Start making the trick slowly. With a bit more training to  the Little Boot will get faster and more precisely. When you got more speed of movement, it will also lift the puck from the ice and go over goalie stick.



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