Lesson 21 – Trulsen

There are many variations on the recorder that occur in different ways. Some of them are named differently. Many times after a player who frequently uses inspelet and become good at it. Trulsen is one. It certainly has many different names around the world, but here at the hockey school so it goes under the name Trulsen.

Trulsen is backwards – something complicated – version on the Skyffeln. The risk is great that the puck ends up in their own goals, which means that you have to be very careful to put the right-defender so close to the center as possibly you can. Yet there is a risk that the puck inglorious end up in your own cage. The goalkeeper must also cover the right half of your goal. This is because as the last outpost rescue a possibly unsuccessful pass.

To make a Truls.

  • TrulsStart with the puck furthest down at the opponent’s goal turned so that the club is in to the board. Not straight out to 3 o’clock but more like at 4-5. The puck is on the club side toward you. Make a fairly quick pass obliquely backward inward toward the center.he
  • The center has the starting position at the midpoint. When the puck come to the center, push the center forward in the same way as you make a Skyffel. If you stick to the right, the puck goes more to the right side of the goal. If you stick bear left, the puck goes more to the left toward the goal. Which you prefer is up to each one. It is easier to mismatch with the center if you have a club left. Bar to mind.

Trulsen is quite tricky to get to. There’ll be many own goals on the road, but it is well worth practicing. It’s different and a bit surprising since it is so backward and difficult to defend against. Often defending opponent is automatically a little of target, giving a few extra centimeters to hit the pass on.



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