Lesson 20 – Pictures say more than words

This lesson should we dedicate ourselves to watch a video. This video is recorded at SM 2012 and it is one of the matches in the final between Thomas Petersson (left) and Peter Östlund (right) two very good players. Thomas Petersson has a more wild style of play that is based a lot on speed. There are few players capable of playing in the same extreme tempo Thomas. The downside of high speed is that you easily lose a player in the wrong place. Thomas Petersson is one of the few actually master the speed and loses very rarely a player. Thanks to its speed and velocity he simply is there before the opponent. Both to grab the puck and to pass a defense.

Peter Östlund has a much slower pace of his game. He takes care of the puck and have it under control with slow and thoughtful passing, to finish with a tempo and final pass / shot.

Watch and enjoy. Replays of the goals are afterwards. The match is played over five minutes ineffective time. Thus, the clock rollers all the time. Enjoy!



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