Lesson 19 – Spjass

Earlier, we talked about Nacka (Sydney) as a center trick. There are more variations on the center tricks. Everything to make it harder for the opponent to know what to do. Now let’s look at Spjass.

Spjass has the same position as Nacka (Sydney). Sjass is much harder to do than  Nacka (Sydney), but is well worth learning. If you can both  Nacka (Sydney) and Spjass you can choose sides. The trick is to have the same starting point for both. And preferably also the same fingers on the lever! Those who have played for a while often look at how you keep your fingers around the lever to determine if it will be a  Nacka (Sydney) or Spjass. Some hide the fingers behind the other hand, or a piece of shirt.

SpjassSpjass proceed as follows:

  • Keep the puck on the track just as you do one  Nacka (Sydney).
  • Turn player counterclockwise to stick poking out the puck to the left of the track. It shall be about 1 cm between the track and the puck.
  • Now turn around the player a full turn clockwise and hit the puck.
  • Do this slowly at first. It is all too easy to be in the first rotation and sending the puck out to the opponents defender. With time and with the amount of training it will go faster. While you get up to speed of execution, you will also get the advantage of the puck not stop completely after the first rotation, which makes it easier to get the puck to lift up into the corner.

It takes a long time to master Spjass. Many can, but there are few who get to that really perfect that is unreachable, even if you stand in the way of the goalkeeper. Well, it actually goes that with the right execution and a small little tuch with the free foots heel, get the puck going into the goal on its end. Then it looks as if the puck goes right through the goalie.

So go ahead and train Spjass. Also makes Nacka (Sydney) in the same extent as you do Spjass. The two tricks are related and if you can both, it becomes more difficult for the opponent to know what you will do.



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