Lesson 17 – Short Cetrifuge

The Centrifuge can be done in many ways. One of the ways that I do it on the Short Centrifuge. Some call it even for Sissies special. It certainly has more name, but is only a short version of the usual Centrifuge.

It is very simple to do, but easy to see through if you do not manage to camouflage it.

  • kort_centrifugStart by capturing the puck behind the goal. Keep the puck close to the player next to the board, so it is in the cradle of the player’s feet and club.
  • The Center is closest to the target with the stick straight towards goal.
  • Move the left winger against you.
  • Pass the puck hard before you reach the face-off circle.
  • The puck bounces off the Center’s stick and into the goal.

Short Centrifuge is a good alternative to centrifuge. To vary between the two makes it difficult for the opponent to defend themselves. The Centre needs to practice to set in place when it needs to be there. It is also important that the Center stick is straight at the target, otherwise the puck go outside the goal. Which in and of itself can be quite intimidating for the opponent, but it’s no goal.



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