Lesson 16 – Classic Gretzky

Once upon a time there was a great hockey player named Wayne Gretzky. He leer but still have put skates on the shelf for several years. Gretzy was incredibly adept at standing behind the opponent’s goal and adding great passes to his teammates, so they could easily put the puck in the goal. He was The King of passes. He was also good at scoring goals himself as well, but just his goalgiving passes from positions behind the goal was his hallmark. One of the combinations in table hockey is named after him. A Classic Gretzky.


  • gretzkyKeep the puck on the right winger.
  • Left winger stand behind the goal, a little bit to the left of the left post.
  • Add a pretty tight pass along the boards to the left winger.
  • Pass directly to the Center as soon as the left winger gets the puck.
  • Move at the same time your right hand to the Center, and catchy shoot the puck into the goal.

It takes some practice to get the flow of it all. It’s not always easy to get the puck to go next to the post and into the center. But it will go. The space between the post and opponent rightback slot is where the puck shall be passed. Not so great area. Moreover, it is a bit tricky at first to change lever in the middle of a pass, but it is just to practice.

Classic Gretzky is a true delicacy that can make anyone – even the enemy – to be congratulated for a neat goal. Sus, and applause from the audience are given.



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