Lesson 15 – Shot with a defender

Many have a got hockeygame for Christmas. Packed up eagerly, assemble it and then the Christmas turnament started with the family. Man shoots wildly as soon as you get the puck, straight into the goal. With a little luck, slips the puck into the net next to a misplaced goalkeeper. The left hnd  hold convulsively the goalkeeper at all times, so you only have your right hand to take care of the outfield players.

Now we have gone through a lot of different variations on the use of both hands, and how to pass or feint passes to create gaps in the other’s defense. Now let’s look at shots by the defender. Those direct shots as you did when you did not dare let the goalkeeper. But now we do them with precision. If you do them right, it can provide an extra goal occasionally. Have you also trained to shoot good defendershots, you can get a goal for ”free” some time during the game when the opponent is attacking.

backskottDefendershot can be done with both right and left defender. The principle is similar for both of them. We start with left-back.

  • Place the puck to the right of the track just below their own blue line. It may not be too far to the right becaurse the opponent can hit it off with the Center. Approximately 1-2 cm from the track to the puck.
  • Back the defender five centimeters. The club almost 90 degrees straight out of the track, just slightly forward with the club head. This is to the players natural looseness in the teeth makes the club’s angle changes slightly when you hit the puck.
  • Now push the lever forward fast and hit the puck with a flick. The more flick the more lift it gets on the puck. And the lift is needed to get the puck to jump over the opponent’s legs and sticks on his center and right back if he tries to cover.
  • Puck takes off against the target’s left post from you counted, and hopefully into the goal.

Use a little adhesive and attach the opponent’s right-back and center with clubs against each other, in order to train this shot. It may take some time before you get to it.

The same thing can be done with the right defender. Here, however, put the puck on the left side of the track, but the technology is the same.

With a little practice, you can quickly figure out how to angle the stick to get the puck going into the left or right side of the goal. There are very small differences that are needed.

Something you need to consider is that it is not permissible to add up the puck and shoot with the standing foot that is on the player. The shot must be made with the club or the foot that is in the air (free foot)! The only time that you can shoot with the standing foot is when the puck comes from another player.



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