Lesson 14 – Playing a tournament

If you have not been away at a tournament, it’s time to start thinking about playing against a little more people than just family or friends. Joining a club is not entirely wrong, and if there is no club near you so you can start one yourself too. They are simply few who meet every now and then and play under a common name. The best thing is that you are also taking this seriously with the club. It can be fun to be with and play Team Championship and also international competitions for clubs and teams. They are not many but they are there.

If you are living in Sweden and want to be on a bigger contest, it’s time to become a member of the Swedish Table nba – SBHF. It does not cost that much and you can participate in major tournaments SBHF’s club organizes. The major tournaments can be quite tough so you have to expect that it takes almost a whole day, The option is to be in a minor league or a minor tournament. There is not as many matches and will be ready in an afternoon, and you still make it home for dinner.

There is a lot of psychology during a tournament. You need to remember not to wear yourself out in the first matches, for during a tournament, you get to play between 20-30 games as a beginner. Sometimes a little more. So save the energy. Taking it easy is everything in all positions. When you have the puck, you should not try to score as soon as you can. On the contrary. Here are some thought-provoking things to think about before but also during both the tournament and matches.

  • Holding the puck. As long as you have the puck, the opponent can not score goals. Work your up in the offensive zone by aligning your way between the players. You are allowed to keep the puck in five seconds on each player, so take advantage of it.
  • Do not throw away the puck to get to the point quickly. The faster you play the puck off the greater the risk of dropping the puck on a mismatch.
  • Be patient and concentrate on doing the things right you are good at.
  • Keep an eye on the opponent’s choice of levers. It can give you an early warning of what he intends to do.
  • Ensure that the goalkeeper is always in the center of the goal when in attack. There’s nothing worse than when you lose a puck and the goalie stands at one edge.
  • Ensure that all men are pushed down on properly. A man who sits too high up becomes flaccid and miss too easily the  puck.

So there were some thoughts to consider. There are as many ideas on what you need to think twice as there are players. All players have their weaknesses but also their strengths. But the more you know about their weaknesses and try to do something with it, the better player you become. It’s not just to score goals that is important, a sense of the game is just as important. Not everyone has a natural flair for the game from the beginning, but it comes with time.

Let’s finish with watching a video of two elite players. you can never watch too few games and videos. Live at competitions are the best, but also videos are an excellent way to learn more.



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