Lesson 13 – Nacka (Sydney)

Time for some more to occupy you with the game. So far I have talked about different shots and shot after a pass. But sometimes it happens that the puck ends up by the center. In front of the goal, it looks just like a big wall in the form of the opponent’s goalkeeper. To shoot directly straight on is no use without the need to push the side of the goalkeeper. But if you move the puck out sideways, it is easy for the opponent to move after the goalie and cover. It is here that one takes to Center Tricks. There are several different centers tricks to use. Some easier to learn and others a lot harder. The tactic with the center tricks is to simply move the puck out sideways and shoot in one motion. Fast enough that the opponent can not keep up.

We will look at how to make a Nacka. The center trick has received its name after the football player ”Nacka” Skoglund. A very skilled player during 1940-60 talet. The center trick is very easy to do. With the proper flick of the stick get the puck up in the corner.

  • NackaThe center stands with his back to the goalie.
  • The puck is at the center foot in the cradle between the free foot and the fixed foot.
  • The puck will be on the track and about one inch of the track should be visible next to the goalkeeper.
  • Turn the player clockwise so that the free foot putts the puck to the right.
  • Now turn around the player counterclockwise so that the club strikes the puck in the goal.

Start doing the movements slowly. Very slowly. So slow as you possibly can. The rotation of the player, you should be able to do both ways without changing grip. It takes a while before you find the right grip. Most hold the lever with their thumb on top and index or middle finger side – about the first two joints of the finger. Like when you snap your fingers, but with a lever between. Others make the first rotation with the arm in order to get more power for the second rotation. What to do is up to each one. The most important thing is that you will find your way. Soft twist to the right and a snappy finish.

When training center tricks you should find some way to hold the lever. But you must also bear in mind that you don´t do several center tricks in a row without the lever is released at least every five puck. This is because it is just as important to take the right grip, as to making centers trick itself.

It is very important that you learn at least two centers tricks. A nice center trick can be crucial between profit or loss. So practicing diligently. The closer the pole you place the puck the better. It best is to hit the post just enough that the puck stands on end or bouncing in by the goalkeeper’s back. So go ahead and train.



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