Lesson 12 – Castlings surprises

Then it was time for a new lesson. Hope you’re prepared for this, it will go fast. This time we’ll take and go through how to make a Castling and a Backward Castling. They are both effective weapons, but can also easily be a set back when doing them. If the opponent is alert and defend themselves aggressively, it can easily end up with the puck in your own goal instead of the opponent. But you become good at Castling, you have an effective weapon, because it shows up two or three times in every game to make a Castling.

Castlings is a briskly defender shots that often come as a pure surprise. But you need to know when you can do it or not. If you are good with their backs and have been practicing a lot on their passing game, so you should take the opportunity when a situation arises. Shot opportunities may be only a few seconds so you have to quickly make a decision. Most often such situation arises when your are in defense and the opponent attacks with multiple shots. As soon as you get the puck with one defender  you need to be well trained to make a Castling, or a Backwards Castling. How to do it:

  • rockadThe puck is in front of the right defender.
  • A rather tight and hard pass over to the left defender.
  • Left defender pushed forward along the track.
  • When the left defender hit the puck with the foot or with the club, the puck will lift and go into the first corner.

It can be difficult to get through the defense wall if the opponent has time to set up all of their players along the midline. This requires a proper precision shots. The risk is great that the puck goes into his own goal instead. Just as you should avoid doing Castling if the opponent is holding his center. It’s a little too easily to put the puck into your own goal then. The best time to do a Castling is when the opponent loses the puck and you can quickly switch while the opponent is still in the attack.

A Backward Castling is just the opposite to Castling. From left to right but same technics.



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