Lesson 11 – Bulldozer

Table hockey school is well attended, and I hope it will give good results, with more people who are out on the competitions around World. There are several people that are included on lessons from other countries. It does not matter in what order you do the lessons, but there is some thought that they are numbered. Basics first of course, and then built it up with new variants based on the past. In any case, a lot of lessons have a history lesson as a basis. So do them anytime in numerical order.

Now for today’s lesson. Once upon a time, you were simply not allowed to make the Bulldozer. It was forbidden under the rules for the simple reason -> Opponent could not stop it!

Now it is again perfectly ok to do and all the rules that were on standby route between right-defender and center are removed. Thank goodness for that. These rules gave rise to the other discord among the players, so when Jerry Wikström (a Swedish player) developed a prototype on a slightly different track drawing, so the left defender could go in and break the passing between the right defender and center. Hooray!

So now became both Investment (get to that in a later lesson) and Bulldozer perfectly legal to do. And we’ll take a closer look at the Bulldozer.

Bulldozer is not really a neat game, but is purely about power. Many consider that the Bulldozer are ugly and do not themselves use it and dislikes when others use it too. When we talk about power Bulldozer. Then there is also the tactical Bulldozer. It is much prettier. Both versions are the same, but the conditions before is simply different. Power Bulldozer push his way through the defense and it’s more a question of who can keep the most pressure and have the best cogwheels. Not so neat. The tactical Bulldozer do when the opportunity arises and the opponent left the road completely or partly open. Mostly being deluded that you should try to get a completely different path.

How easy is the Bulldozer:

  • bulldozerThe puck is at right defender and at the club backside, to the right of the track.
  • The center is at the bottom on your own plan with the club facing your own goal.
  • Right defender carrying the puck up to the center.
  • When right defender arrives to the center and turns over the puck to center that simultaneously rotate counterclockwise to receive the puck.
  • The center carries the puck forward into the goal.

Many times the opponent has time to defend himself by going in between with his left defender. Sometimes time opponent just almost defend themselves. Then the puck end up caught between the player and after hard pressure also go away at high speed. In which direction the puck is depends on when and who pressed most and from which direction. In other words, it may as well go into his own goal or in yours.

Bulldozer is hardly something you need to practice on without knowing more. Take the opportunity when you get it, because it is an effective way to get an extra goal. However, there is nothing to build up his entire game on. It is just doomed to fail. If you are lucky you can get one chance per game to make a Bulldozer and it’s stupid to miss the chance if you get it.



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