Lesson 9 – Agdur the Movie

The very first Swedish Master in table hockey was Göran Agdur. He won the Swedish Championship 1982 organized as a fun event of Vasby Floorball Association (VIS) to attract people to floorball. There was room for 500 people and the number who signed up were clearly larger. The contest was very popular and VIS arranged a SM next year. This laid the foundation for table hockey.

Göran Agdur is a legend in table hockey, and even if he had not been so active in a long time, he is one of the major table hockey players. Agdur considered by many to be a real table hockey guru, who among other things, played table hockey on the Red Square in China.

Here is a video of him where he shows and tells a lot about what you can do on a hockey game. Watch and enjoy. And once you’ve watched so check again.



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