Lesson 8 – The Insult

Did you get some good tips by Lasse? It was a long time ago that he did the tablehockey school. After a few years off the table hockey, he is back again. Now as a coach to his son Oscar. So listen and learn from Lasse. Watch Lasses Bordshockey school several times.

Now we will go ahead with another attack. This time we ”Insult” the opponent totaly. The Insult is the perfect weapon t0 mix with Centrifuge. Just as Maltsev, it’s a simple attack that leaves most opponents to mutter. The Insult together with Centrifuge can often be the difference between a goal or not.

  • FörolämpningenThe Insult has the same as starting position as Cntrifuge.
  • Move the center a bit back and forth to trick the opponent that you are going to do a Centrifuge.
  • Go slowly along the boards from the corner towards the face-off circle.
  • When the defender trying to cover the pass to the Center, and the goalkeeper loses to mark the post, shoot the puck directly into the goal beside the post.
  • With a little extra effort you can get the puck to skip any goalie stick.
  • The Insult can be done along the whole left wings track. The closer to the center line you go, the more you have to turn the player to get the puck into the goal and are therefore more difficult to do than down at the face-off circle. Most often you get certainty already down at the target when the defender gets too excited and is simply lost in the quest to stop a pass to the center.

It is not always that you have to score with The Insult. If you have difficulty getting past the defender with the pass to the Center, so it’s a good idea to make A Insult or two to get the defender to get a little more cowardly and stay longer down on the goal, giving more room for Centrifuges. To combine The Insult and Centrifuge. Both are great ways to score, but if you combine them so it will be more than twice as good. So fight on to master the left winger. It has many features which we will discuss later in the tablehockey school.



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