Lesson 6 – Maltsev

Has it been good to train? It has certainly been that. How fun it is to play games, you need to train a little while each day. It is always better to train 15 minutes every day than to practice one hour a day in the week. Sure it’s great with a long pass sometimes, but short workout moments are important.

Now we take the next form of attack. This time we go through how to make a Maltsev. It looks very simple and easy to make, but requires the exercise anyway. Maltsev’s not so easy to do,  even if you use just right winger to score.

Maltsev’s is good to be able to do, becourse it is a good weapon as an alternative to Skyffeln. When you have made some Skyfflar, it is an excellent opportunity to instead make a Maltsev.

  • matlsevHave the same starting possition as that when you make a Skyffel.
  • Instead of passing to the Center so go quickly down towards the goal.
  • Just before the extended goalline, turn right winger counterclockwise and Shoot the puck next post.

With a little practice you will soon be off on Maltsev and the puck can even rise from the ice so that it passes over any clubs. Just as Maltsev is effective to use when your opponent believe that you should make a Skyffel, then a few Maltsev make the opponent afraid to go away, and becomes more stagnant with his left-back. It opens up to make a Skyffel instead. So Maltsev you can to use as a threat to eliminate the opponent’s left back.

Maltsev’s is also good to practise, becourse it gives more passing opportunity to make a Skyffel. When you come close to the position to place the puck in the goal with a Maltsev, turn a little extra with the right winger so the pass goes awry back inward to the center. Effective if the opponent pulls down his left-back in order to protect themselves against Maltsev, and with that leaves clear path back to a center, that is waiting for the pass back at the circle. Just to shovel the puck in the goal.

Good Luck!




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