Lesson 5 – Sit or stand? That’s the question

Now we’ve gone through a couple of different variations that you can score on. Now let’s think about how to stand or sit.

To cope with playing a great tournament it is important that you do not get hurt, especially in the back. It is not always the most comfortable position to play tablehockey for a whole day. You have to figure out how to stand or sit. It is the first thing to come to grip. Stand or sit. Discard not one way or the other without really having to try on both thoroughly.To tall people it may be an advantage to sit but it also has its drawbacks. It has its drawbacks to be standing too.

Ten years ago sat the majority of the players, but in recent years it has become increasingly more prevalent that you stans at the game. Now let’s compare the two means.

Sitting style

To sit down and play has its great advantage in that you do not get tired of either leg or back. You come down to the game in a safe way and get a better overview of your defense. One of the major drawbacks is that the levers will be more difficult to access when they are in the extended position. But it can also be an advantage because you get even more control over where the levers are in relation to your hands.

Another disadvantage of sitting is that during the game you must move the chair. How hard you attach the feet of the game, as the match moves on, and you come out of alignment. Many incumbent players compensate this by having a chair that is itself moving. A few have chairs on wheels, more commonly, the bottom of the seat is like a flat bowl that can swing back and forth depending on what you need. This gives more freedom for the one who sits. Others have chairs or stools with larger seating area, so that they can simply slide around on the butt on the chair.

Which variant is chosen, it should be easy to transport. Folding small ladders and stools with folding legs is common. To hope that the competition venue provide chairs that are stackable, you can just forget. If at all there are some chairs, they are not always stackable. The best is to have your own chair that you bring. Then you are sure that it is properly installed and can play well.

Another option that was popular in the 1990s, was the seat cushion of styrofoam or telephone books. As there are no direct phone books available now, so you will be obliged to make a pillow in styrofoam. Make it high enough so you can sit comfortably. A suitable height of the levers ports in height with pelvic edge. Customize styrofoam cushion to this height and cover it with tape. One can in good conscience decorate it with brands and images if you like.

Standing style

To stand on his legs is the main option for today’s players. People are more mobile and do not irritate on the game moves here and there. It follows naturally after all the time. Overview of the game becomes total. Every corner you can foresee. However, you should think about how you stand a greater extent than when sitting. If you lean forward, then back will protest mid-tournament, and back pain means that you simply can not concentrate on the matches.

Be soft in the knees and back straight. Do not stand as a Cheesecurle by the game. If you are tall or have a tendency to ”fall” forward, stand with your legs slightly apart. The taller you are, the further apart with the legs. How to stand with the legs is up to each one. Some stand legs apart to the sides, while others place a leg further back. Then we have those who are like cranes on one leg.

Also, try to stand without shoes on you. These few inches makes a big difference. In principle, it should be about the levers at the same height when sitting. Just above the pitch leg.

So work further on the instructions you already have in the previous lessons, but testing now whether to stand or sit. Decide not too quickly without giving both versions a fair chance. If you are not over 7 feet long. Then I would definite advise you to sit down. Otherwise, you will walk like a fishhook after each tournament.

Whether you are sitting or standing. Practice abdominal and back muscles a little extra. Strong abdominal and back muscles, making sure you get better in tournaments.




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