Lesson 4 – Velodrome

What about training? Just good I guess. Skyffleln begins to sit better and hassle lively left-wing is getting better? Sounds nice. Continue to practice them as often as you can. Now we start by combining the wingers. The first thing you must do is to practice to pass from left to right winger. Not so difficult but can be a bit tricky.

Now is the time to practice Velodrome. A combination which includes a fast passing.

  • velodromStart with the puck at the left winger.
  • A rather hard pass made along the rim of the right winger. It is best to push off the puck with the player than just beating with the stick. The pass should be hard enough to easily reach the half-wave along the rightwingers track.
  • Right winger stands with his back to goal and stick straight to the rim, or slightly angled down towards the corner.
  • When the pass comes over, will you meet with the right winger by pushing right winger towards rim corner. When the club meets the puck, turn the player counterclockwise so the puck steers on to the goal.

It takes some practice to get it to move toward and into the goal. Experiment with what suits you the best. Most often the puck meets the right winger at the level of face-off circle, but depending on which angle you have the club, so you can meet up with the puck a little earlier or later.

Velodrome can be used as a surprise attack, and is it fast enough you have time past the opponent’s left back, if he tries to stop the puck down at the rim.

You can also do the reverse Velodrome and shoot with the left winger, but it is clearly more difficult to implement. This requires that the left winger turned clockwise to get the puck togo towards goal, but it is very good to use as a surprise.

When playing against better players the pass along the rim is blocked by the defender, but if you manage to hide the pass, it can become a real surprise when you got the puck to rattle to the case.



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