Lesson 3 – The Centrifuge

Then it was time for another part of the tablehockey school. Hope that the training of Skyffeln have produced results. And you have not forgotten to practice passes too? Turn a few passes to warm up every time you exercise. They do a lot for the game in the long run. Enough of that! I will go on about it again.

Now on to today’s task.

It is not only the right winger that can score goals. Left winger is also an excellent to pass the puck. Left winger is a bit more tricky to control, the track turns at 90 degrees behind the goal. This means that the player get his own life in the corner. It can be used to your advantage when handling the puck. So try this first so you see:

  • Stand at the face-off circle with the stick straight to the board and have the puck near the board on the club’s forehand side.
  • Push the lever straight so the player forces the puck ahead through the corner. Do not turn the lever.
  • If you have not turned the lever, the player leaves the puck and pass it just after the corner and the puck ends up in the club’s backhand side. If you now – still without turning the lever – pull back the lever, then the player catch the puck, but now on the backhand side. An easy way to get the puck on the right side of the club in order to pass it to the center. Try this a few times. There is no problem to do this with some speed, as long as you do not turn the lever.

Now try to do the same thing but turn the player a little bit clockwise when you are in corner. The puck will now be passed along the board over to the right winger. It’s good to know what happens in the corner so you will not be surprised that the puck speeds away sometimes.

Now we will do a Centrifuge.


To make a Centrifuge you start with the puck on the backhand side of the stick. This time it is the Center that makes the goal and left winger stands for the passing.

  • Place the puck on the left wings club, on the backhand side, level with the middle of the face-off circle.
  • The center is placed in the same way as when you make a Skyffel. The center stands at the middle circle with his back towards the goal. However, the club have to be more directed towards the goal so it can capture the puck easier.
  • Start by slowly passing the puck a few times so that the puck crosses the center slot just below the blue line.
  • Meet the puck with the center so that the puck is shot on goal.
  • When the pass is where it should be, start with the left winger down at the goal line extended, and carry the puck up to the face-off circle to pass. It shall be a single motion. And when it works, so start with the starting point of the image. Down almost behind the goal.

Practice first few times slowly so you can see what happens. Then increase the speed a bit. Again, lifting the puck from the ice will come when it gets a little more speed on both pass and shoots. If the shot goes way out to the right of the target, angle the club of the center a bit more towards the target. The shot should sit from the middle to the right post. The closer the pole the better chance to get past the goalie.

The centrifuge can be done both in motion and stationary, and from all the places along the left wings track. It is always good to practice to make the pass from at least 2-3 different places. We will return to it in other parts of the tablehockey school.

The centrifuge can also be done with the center facing the other way. It is much more difficult to master, as it both needed a little better timing of the shot. But well worth the effort to practise.

The centrifuge generally takes much longer to learn, and many almost give up. But it’s actually gives more goal with Centrifuges than with Skyffeln. So practice a lot on centrifuges. It pays.



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