Lesson 2 – Skyffeln

Then it is time for another lesson in table hockey. Have you trained properly to pass between your players? Do not forget that every time you set up the game then you should hit a few passes between the players. Good as a warm up and you can never exercise too little. So before you read any further, so foretell a few passes.

Now on to today’s workout. Now we practice something called SkyfflenSkyfflen are one of several offensive variations that you can do and one of the default games that you have to learn. Skyffeln is a fast and efficient way to score and quite easy to learn. The Skyffeln is also used frequently by elite players combined with some features. The Skyffeln can be done in many different ways, but here we discuss the basic way and badträningen to make a shovel. When you can scratch so you can later try to do variations on it. But start by learning the foundation properly. It is easy to try the variations too early. The basic Skyffeln should you be able to do without thinking about how to do it. It serves you in the long run.

  • SkyffelnKeep right winger so it stands between the centerline and the offensive blue line. Club into the boards so that the player is standing with his back to goal.
  • The puck will be ”behind” the player against the fixed foot (the one that the player is standing on) and lean on to the free foot.
  • The Center will stand back in the circle, with his back towards the goal. Stick to the right, pointing just a little bit forward.
  • Turn right winger counterclockwise so that the puck is passed to the center track straight along the blue line.
  • Push the center straight forward in the groove so the player hits the puck on the fly with the back of the club.
  • Do this slowly the first times and when you hit correctly, the puck slides into the goal on the right side (The picture does not quite match reality). As you become more secure, the speed will also increase on both the pass and the shot, so do Skyffeln slowly in the beginning.

As the basic technic is getting better, you can try to angle the center a few degrees from basic possision. Each has its own timing, so there may be trial and error to find the right angle. At first it will puck to go along with the ice, but as speed increases, so will the hit with the center become snappy and then the puck sits higher up in the case. Try to hit the target just off the post. Where is the puck more elusive. To shoot in the middle of the target is much easier so it can you anyway.

Remember that post hits and just outside is also good shot. Then you almost scored, and that increases the chances that it sits next time. Additionally, if you hit the post it can scare the opponent.

Now we have how to make a Skyffel. Then we can also talk about how to make a Skyffel in the far side of the goal.

Same starting position for right winger.

  • The center is on the same position, but now you have the club straight toward the target along the track.
  • Line up the same way, but now when the Center will be with the club in front, it will steer the puck in beside the far post.
  • Take it slow the first few times so you can organize stuff. Again, the puck will lift when the speed increases.

So now you have two new things to practice. Skyffeln and Skyffeln in far. Remember to Skyffeln can do from all points along the right wings track. But training in basis only from one place. Extending it to be able to do the same pass from another couple positions along ringt wings track. Use lines and face-off circles as reference points.

So good luck with the training, we’ll see you again in the next part of the tablehockey school.



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