Lesson 10 – The hook, nothing to hang on

It’s been a while since last time, and you’ve probably had time to work out a lot since then. Now is the time to develop the Centrifuge by one step. Now is the time for the Hook. With an extra pass you can get your opponent to lose some in the defense and it will be open to insert a looser shots on goal.

  • krokenStarting point is the same as for the Centrifuge. The puck rests with the left winger.
  • Instead of passing to the center, let the left winger move backwards and pass the left defender instead. Aim to get the puck to end up in the left face-off circle on your own court. This is so that the puck does not end up in his own goal if you miss with the left defender.
  • Left defender stands between their own blue line and red. The stick pointing to the left.
  • When the puck is coming to the left defender, push the player straight ahead with little power and pass back the puck to the left winger.
  • While the pass goes to left defender you move the left winger to a location between the face-off circle and extended goalline.
  • When the pass returns to the left winger, turn the left winger counterclockwise so that the puck is directed into the goal.

It takes time to train the Hook because it consists of two passes instead of one. Additionally, it is important to keep hold of the left defender properly so that the club is steady. Otherwise the risk is that the club fold a bit and gives the puck to the opponent’s right winger. Once you can the Hook you can do alternating Centrifuge and Hook. It makes the opponent to lose control of his defense to some degree so that he opens up his defense for either a Centrifuge or a Hook.



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