Lesson 1 – Dare and win

Why not start playing hockey. It’s very fun, very easy, and anyone can train to become world champion in a few years. So here’s a table hockey school for anyone interested in learning the basics.

The first thing to learn is some basic stuff, so we’ll take a couple of good things to start with.

Dare to drop the goalkeeper. All we begin our fumbling attempts to play hockey at the home of a friend, or you have received a hockey game for Christmas. Desperately holding the goalkeeper with a firm grip with your left hand and struggling to try to push the puck into the goal with the right hand, with varying results. Most often it misses the target except for the times that you are lucky to get it to bounce into the net. Very inefficient.

One can and should release the goalie to get a more efficient and better games. Then you can use both hands to outfield players and suddenly you can pass between the players. Much better to be able to pass past the buddy defenders than trying to push through them.

Passing is the foundation. Being able to pass between the players is something that must be. Elite players spend a lot of training to be able to pass between all the players from anywhere on the field. It’s like in real hockey. Team suits their way across the ice to search for a location to shoot the puck into the open goal. The same also applies in table hockey. It is not always as it is free to shoot at goal, and then you need to play to another player who has an open position instead. So if you are good at passing around the puck on the ice your mate soon to lose a couple of players the wrong place and presto, you have a great position to score.

Are you good at passing it will also be easier to make different combinations such as Skyffeln, Velodrom, Gretzky, Rockaden, Kniven, Fifflaren and others. All these and many more will be in some other parts of the Bordshockeyskolan.

So first training lesson is passing:

  • Stand at the game. Leave the goalkeeper. No, no touching it right now. Start with the puck on the right defender. Make a pass across to left defender. (Make sure that the other center is at the center circle). Receive the pass with the left defender. Pass back to right defender. Continue to practice this pass back and forth until you can do ten passes without losing the puck.
  • Pass from your left winger to center. Left winger is a bit tricky as the track is not quite right and also have ”life of its own” behind the goal. Pass back and forth between the center and the left winger. When you can do ten passes without losing the puck so go to the next exercise.
  • Now do the same thing between right winger and center. Now you have to hold the Center with the left hand instead of the right, which is absolutely correct. Ten passes without losing the puck also here.
  • Now it gets a bit trickier. Diagonal ! Pass between left winger and the right defender, and right winger and left defender. The puck pass several tracks so move away players standing in the way. Moreover, it is very easy to pass the puck – with the wingplayer – into your own goal. Because of this, this exercise is important to be able to, so you can reduce the risk of making own goals if you need to make a pass to a defender.

That’s it. Now you can take the first step into the world of table hockey fun. Remember that passing is always the foundation to win games.

See you again in the next part of the Bordshockeyskolan.



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